Entry #1

Mmm.... Clockday tastes good.

2007-08-15 02:00:54 by WUClock

Ahh, another year, another Clockday, and another half-assed piece of crap that spawned from the infernal program known as Flash. Ah, well. Close to two years in the CC, and i still animate with the capacity of a 12 year old.

Oh well. At least i can actually animate and hold my patience together to actually whip something up, rather than going the spam route and just making some 7 second piece of shit that any 6 year old can make in his sleep.

And i noticed, so far, that i hadn't gotten any cameos. I feel sad.

But, the feeling of sadness is outweighed by joy, in realizing the fact that i am among a close community that has good standards and integrity above the standard newgroundite, and the fact that my time with them had allowed me to grow both as a animator, an artist, and a person. Before i joined, i hadn't a clue what the hell a tween was, and i drew with ten pounds of pressure on my pencil and ripped every sheet of paper.

When i did join, after working up the courage to do so after three months, i was hazed and looked down upon due to my outstanding idiocy, but gradually i learned the ropes and was accepted into the community, and that acceptance is one of the best things i have ever felt. The atmosphere and ambiance in that group is unlike any other.

Had it not been for the Clock crew, what i am now would not exist, and would be a completely different person altogether.

So, Happy clockday everyone, and hopefully it means the same to you as it does me.


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2007-08-16 01:21:03

Your Clock Avatar and art is adorable. Seriously.


2008-09-29 17:07:21

hey I was looked down upon for stupidity as well!
Let's hook up


2010-01-06 15:00:25